Passport by AMfurniture

Unconventional and colourful – it does not fit the mould, it does not have a particular shape, recipe or rule. Passport means not settling for the obvious, as it inspires you to make your home a place of comfort and content. It allows you to recreate, to mix and match, to collect and to fill your house with the things that you value the most: be it a vinyl record, a film poster, a cute watering can or a postcard from a city you have fallen in love with.

Without denying its classical inspiration, Passport is strongly influenced by the bohemian chic lifestyle: a loose kind of classic, with intense colours and a peculiar finish. A soft touch combined with a delicate aging effect showcase the wood’s beauty and character.

Passport is an AMfurniture brand, which means its values and principles have deep roots. Founded in 1962 by Armando Ferreira da Silva, AMfurniture is now an established reference in the furniture sector worldwide. Its presence in over 50 countries is a testimony of quality, singularity and know-how.

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Passport by AMfurniture is available internationally and its pieces are displayed in the trendiest stores.